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Black Shuck

Black Shuck

Friday 20 April - 2pm

Saturday 21 April - 7pm

St Bartholomew's Church, Orford

Adults - £7.50

Children - £2.50

Family tickets - £15.00

Tickets available NOW - call 01394 450090 / email [email protected]

What's that sound...what's that sound? Giant paws thundering towards you, a howl and a growl...Black Shuck!

Following our previous puppet theatre adaptations of medieval wonder tales The Wild Man of Orford and The Green Children of Woolpit, we’re now hearing the ghostly howling of the terrifying giant dog of legend – Black Shuck! 

For centuries, tales have been told of a malevolent black dog with blazing red eyes, roaming the countryside of Suffolk and terrorising the people. 

 With the help and support of The Thomas Marshall Education Fund, Rust & Stardust is bringing Black Shuck to Orford for a very special performance project with the Arts Award students at Orford CEVA Primary School, a small rural school in the heart of beautiful historic Orford on the Suffolk coast.

Arts Award students will participate in every stage of the project, from making their own puppets to be used in the show, to rehearsing puppetry, acting, songs and dance, and finally participating in public performances with Rust & Stardust. 

We are seeking funding to help support the facilitation of the Black Shuck project. Funds raised will go towards costs of resources to bring the show to life, including materials, rehearsals and performances. 

The partnership with Orford Primary School will:

 -          Provide opportunities for pupils to take part in a cross-curricular performance based project

-          Develop skills in literacy, communications, arts and crafts and independent learning

-          Offer the opportunity to work alongside professional puppeteers

Over the course of the project, students will participate in weekly creative sessions to create and rehearse puppets and performances, to be part of the production put on by Rust & Stardust in St Bartholomew’s Church, in collaboration with the Thomas Marshall Education Fund. 

The project will culminate in the Arts Award students participating in two performances in the church. The church may then display the work the students have created.

Help us make this amazing project a reality and support our crowdfunding campaign here.