Our first book is now available to buy! We're delighted to present the story version of our children's show The Tale of Miss Fox, written by Eleanor and illustrated by Katie with a combination of the handmade puppets and sets from the show and watercolour art. 

A delightful and light-hearted tale of the forest, perfect for bedtime reading!

Recommended ages 5+

The Tale of Miss Fox

Miss Fox and her best friend Miss Cat share a house and a love of food. They are extremely happy together, cooking and eating and furiously knitting. But one day the little yellow bird who lives in the tree above their house warns them that an intruder is coming. Mr Fox is on his way to woo and marry Miss Fox!

Paperback - £5.00 + £2.90 UK shipping

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One day a mysterious bottle bumps against the side of Piggy Pirate's ship. Thinking it's a rare vintage rum, he fishes it out and finds a map leading to a fabulous treasure. He sets sail at once.

On his journey he meets Matilda the Merpig, who helps him navigate the high seas to the place where X marks the spot. When Piggy and Matilda dive down, they find something far more unexpected than treasure...

A swashbuckling adventure with sea creatures, magic and beautiful handmade puppets. Recommended ages 5+

Paperback - £5.00 + £2.90 UK shipping