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The Poetical Scientist

A light-hearted look at the life of Ada Lovelace, told with beautiful table top puppets, music and projection art.

Between the two worlds of Art and Science, life hovers like a star. Join Ada in her childhood adventures and experiments, shared with Mrs Puff her playful cat. As she grows into a society beauty and brilliant mathematician, Ada works with Charles Babbage and his Difference Engine, and discovers how computers can be programmed.

The Poetical Scientist is the third in Rust & Stardust’s trilogy of science shows, following Seeing Stars and Under The Apple Tree.

The Poetical Scientist will be part of of the 2018 Brighton Science Festival. For more information about the festival and other events, click here

The Poetical Scientist (Rust & Stardust)
Komedia Studio, Brighton - TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW
2pm (duration 1 hour)
£8.50 / £6.50 (concessions) or £25 for family of 4

Rust & Stardust Accompanying Workshop for The Poetical Scientist
Take Flight With Ada!
Make your own Ada Lovelace puppet and learn about Flyology!
For families and children aged 7-12


Anthony Hope - Writer

Anthony is a playwright, poet and writer who lives and works in Sussex. He has a particular interest in the art, literature and music of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and in the crossover between science, religion and occultism in that period. His first play Seeing Stars premiered at Brighton Science Festival 2016, and Under The Apple Tree is the sequel.