A Sea of Stories Weeks 3 & 4

Week 3

We began the session with singing sea shanties, as before, and everybody began to join in – clapping along, and even remembering some of the words of the Annie Sue song from our show The Tale of Piggy Pirate the week before!

This week was really exciting, as the children and guests of Age UK began working on making their very own puppets. We provided materials including tissue paper, recycled cups and card, and colourful stickers to make simple ‘cup’ style puppets, which could be adapted to each design. 

No two designs from the children were the same, so there was lots of scope for different colour combinations. We especially enjoyed watching the children and the guests of Age UK working together, especially Ivy and Cliff, who created an amazing spotty fish!

We focused on making the bodies and tails of the puppets. It was really interesting to see how the puppets changed from the original designs, and which elements were kept.

Week 4

This week the Drunken Sailor sea shanty proved the most popular, especially with Peter, a guest of Age UK who had been a sailor in the navy and travelled all over the world. 

Here he is telling Joshua from St Barnabas School a tale of his adventures and the places he visited.

We were working on the puppets’ heads, arms and little details today, and saw some beautiful creations coming to life, from sea dragons to mermaid-cats and narwhals. 

There was even an Aqua Man, courtesy of Riley, who used strips of felt to make his arms and distinctive costume!

All the puppets are now more or less in a state of completion, ready to begin working on storytelling in the next session.