Arts Award

Rust & Stardust is an Arts Award Supporter. 

We currently offer opportunities for individuals and groups to work towards Discover, Explore and Bronze Awards. 

Our first Arts Award project took place in April 2018, when Rust & Stardust supported students from Orford CEVA Primary School in their Bronze Arts Award. 

Twelve Bronze Arts Award Students took part in our Black Shuck project, and participated in every stage, from making their own puppets to be used in the show to rehearsing puppetry, acting, songs, dance and movement. 

The children then took part in the public performances as the show's chorus alongside Rust & Stardust.

In 2021 we were supported by Arts Council England to develop and produce another project with Orford Primary School, The Marsh Demons of Iken. 

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Black Shuck

In 1577 a strange and terrible wonder strikes the Suffolk village of Blythburgh. Black Shuck, malevolent devil’s hound with blazing red eyes, roams the countryside terrorising the people. 

Rust & Stardust’s epic theatre adaptation of the folk legend is a frightening, poetical exploration of the black dog within us all.

A participatory performance project for groups, Black Shuck sees young people creating their own puppets, rehearsing puppetry, acting, songs and movement, and taking part in public performances with Rust & Stardust. 

Black Shuck is suitable for the Bronze Arts Award qualification.


The Marsh Demons of Iken

Uncanny mists and strange noises drift across the marshlands of lonely Iken, an isolated Anglo-Saxon village where people live in fear and whisper of the monstrous Marsh Demons – creatures who covet gold and snatch travellers as they pass. 

A participatory performance project for groups, The Marsh Demons of Iken involves participants in every stage of the process, including taking part in public performances with Rust & Stardust.

The Marsh Demons of Iken is suitable for the Bronze Arts Award qualification. 


The Lost Sheep

A shepherd leaves his flock of ninety-nine sheep to look for one little black sheep lost in a storm. Based on the Bible parable of the Good Shepherd and the Lost Sheep, the story has themes of loss, searching and rejoicing. 

The Lost Sheep is a performance and making experience for young people. Students participate in every stage and star in their own piece of puppet theatre.

Participants learn how to make their own puppets to use in the show, rehearse puppetry, acting, movement and songs, and finally take part in public performances.

The Lost Sheep is suitable for the Bronze Arts Award qualification.


Science Shows

Our Science Shows use puppet theatre and drama to educate and inspire. 

Combining facts, fun, science, social history, art and theatre, our shows are the perfect answer to cross-curricular study.  All include accompanying take part workshops.

Learn about the lives of forgotten figures of science like Tycho Brahe and Ada Lovelace, and the discoveries they made which changed the way we view our universe.

Science Shows are suitable for Discover, Explore and Bronze Arts Award qualifications.


Other educational shows and workshops

We can adapt or create shows and workshops to suit your curriculum. 

We deliver a range of workshops, either as part of any of our shows or separately. 

These are suitable for age 5+ and include puppet making, shadow puppetry, puppetry and performance techniques and storytelling with music.

Rust & Stardust's workshops are suitable for Discover, Explore and Bronze Arts Award qualifications.

If you need any further information, or would like to discuss working with us on Arts Award, please do get in touch.