Black Shuck

In 1577 a strange and terrible wonder strikes the Suffolk village of Blythburgh. Black Shuck, malevolent devil’s hound with blazing red eyes, roams the countryside terrorising the people. Rust & Stardust’s epic theatre adaptation of the folk legend is a frightening, poetical exploration of the black dog within us all.

Black Shuck is designed as an interactive performance experience for young people. Students participate in every stage of the project and feature as the show's chorus alongside Rust & Stardust. 

Participants learn how to make their own puppets to use in the show, rehearse puppetry, acting, songs, dance and movement, and finally take part in public performances.

The partnership allows young people to work with professional actors and puppeteers, to take part in a cross-curricular performance-based project and to develop skills in literacy, communication, art and crafts and independent learning.

The Black Shuck project supports the Explore and Bronze Arts Award qualifications. Find out more about our Arts Award offers here

To discuss running the Black Shuck project with your school or Arts Award group, contact us now.

Cast & Creative
Soldier / Housekeeper / Chorus / Black Shuck puppeteer

Orphan / Dancer / Chorus

Script / Costumes / Black Shuck song

Stage and Technical Manager
Photography and Videography

Original Chorus of Children

Katie Sommers

Eleanor Conlon

Eleanor Conlon

Katie Sommers

Katie Sommers

Michael Conlon

Scarlett Hayler-King

Scarlett Hayler-King

Imogen Berry

Cherry Button

Ruby Harper-Grassing

Naomi Jacobs

Archie Lord

Phoebe Lord

Edward Ogilvie

Tom Savage

Kira Stuart

Chloe Williams

Jasmine Winter

Lexie Woolnough

Our grateful thanks for the support of the following organisations and individuals, without whom the original Black Shuck project would not have been possible:

Jackie & Nigel Maslin
New Orford Town Trust
Orford Business Association
Orford Primary School
Thomas Marshall Education Fund
St Bartholomew's Church
Kayt Armstrong
Michael Conlon
Pamela Conlon
Ed Grimoldby
Richard & Cindy Hartley
Roger Hipwell
Alexine Lambert
Stefan Paetke
Philip Alexander Sugg