Due to the current UK lockdown, we are not able to book our Puppet Parties at the moment, so our COVID-19 Safety Policy below may be updated to reflect changing government advice. We hope to have an update on the situation soon, so please do check back.

COVID-19 Safety Guidance

We look forward to bringing back the magic of our Puppet Parties, following current government guidelines on safe working. Please do read our guidelines, and don't hesitate to contact us if you would like any further information prior to booking. 

As the situation is still uncertain, we are currently offering date transfer options for all our party bookings and waiving our usual 7-day cancellation policy, as we know things change quickly. 

Our Promise

Our Artists

Rust & Stardust follows up to date government guidelines on safely returning to live performance. Our artists have undertaken appropriate training, including Coronavirus Basic Awareness on Production Training, Hand Hygiene, and Safe Application and Removal of PPE. 

We follow the fixed teams approach, which means that where contact is unavoidable, it happens between the same people. 

We will wear PPE where appropriate for loading and unloading, and for set up if necessary. Please do not touch any of our equipment and advise your guests and children to stay away from the clearly marked performance area.

If any of our artists are required to isolate, either with suspected symptoms of COVID-19 or through the NHS Track and Trace scheme, we will endeavour to arrange a cover performer so your party will not be affected. If this is impossible, we will offer you an alternative date free of charge. 

We will carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment for your event.

When artists cannot be 2 metres apart, we have done everything practical to manage transmission risk. For moments of live singing in our shows, we are staying the recommended 3 metres distance apart on stage and from the audience. 

Our Equipment

We have cleaning, hand-washing and hygiene procedures in line with guidance.

We will prepare craft materials for your party 72 hours in advance to minimise transmission risk. Each child will have their own pack of materials, rather than using a shared pile.

Please encourage children not to touch our puppets or equipment. 

Venues, capacity and social distancing

Outdoor Parties

Outdoor parties have no maximum capacity, but social distancing should be maintained where possible except within household 'bubbles.' 

Indoor Parties

The maximum capacity for parties in indoor venues such as community halls is 30 people (including artists, children and supervising adults). Social distancing should be maintained except within household 'bubbles.' However, please be aware that managing social distancing and hand-washing for larger numbers of children may be difficult, so fewer guests may be preferable. 

Parties in Private Residences

The government is currently advising against holding parties in private residences where it is difficult to maintain social distancing and avoid close interaction. 

Games and Activities

We have adapted all our games and activities to minimise risk and make social distancing possible. We can advise you about arranging the room suitably. Please contact us to discuss if you have particular concerns or requirements. 

Toys and Gifts

We recommend that you neither provide or encourage guests to bring toys which may be shared, particularly soft toys. How you manage birthday gifts is at your discretion, but we recommend a specific table where gifts cannot be handled.

Other terms

NHS Test and Trace

Please take a list of contact details for all guests of your party prior to the event. We recommend doing this digitally if possible. We will not ask for these details unless we need to, and expect you to contact us if there is a suspected case among attendees after your event. Please see our Privacy Policy for how we store your information. 


We recommend that all guests wash their hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds upon arrival at the venue, or use hand sanitiser if this is not possible. Most venues now have sanitiser dispensers, but we recommend that you provide you own too. We bring our own sanitiser as part of our equipment which we request you do not share with your guests. 

Our safety and cancellation

We reserve the right to cancel or end a party early if we feel that appropriate safety measures to minimise risk of COVID-19 are not being followed. 

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