It's in the soil...

Meet Endo the earthworm! Endo is an endogeic earthworm who lives deep beneath the dark, damp earth. Endo feels safe under the ground. They have everything a worm could want - fresh clean earth to eat and all of their worm friends to talk to!

Endo never ever peeks their head above the ground, so it is very rare to spot them above the earth. 

Endo likes listening to the trees talking to each other through their twisting roots about the world above ground - the world Endo has never visited. The trees’ wondrous stories come to life in Endo’s dreams. They tell tales of the amazing creatures who dance in the sun,  alive with colour and song.

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with a trio of wonderful musicians, Tabea Debus (recorder), Jonathan Rees (cello and viol) and Alex McCartney (lute) on this magical new story for nature and music lovers of all ages. We're hoping to make Endo’s dreams a reality in a series of short films featuring beautiful handmade puppets and special music played on rare and wonderful instruments. 

Working in partnership with UK conservation charities Buglife UK , The Earthworm Society of Great Britain and The Soil Association, we will create a cross-curricular experience for primary school age children.  

We will make Endo’s dreams about the world above ground into five videos, each focusing on one of the small creatures Endo encounters. The fifth episode will showcase a custom-made surprise bug, which we will choose from suggestions submitted by our audience. All the videos will also feature some astonishing bug facts connected to Endo’s new friends from above the soil. 

In addition, we will produce activity videos for the whole family to enjoy. These will include music (song, movement and rhythm games), crafts (make your own bug puppet) and creative writing.

The films will be released in the run up to World Earthworm Day (21 October 2020.)

But we need your help!

By making a small donation to our crowdfunding campaign here, you will enable us to bring this amazing combined arts project to life.

Tell us your favourite bug that you might find right here in the UK and let us know why you think this bug is so special. 

Is it the silver-studded blue butterfly (Plebuejus argus), the red mason bee (Osmia bicornis) or maybe the incredible elephant hawk-moth (Deilephila Elphenor)? Our favourite entry will be made into a beautiful puppet and join Endo on an adventure! 

We are all passionate about the natural world and living and working sustainably, and we hope that with Endo the Earthworm’s help we can emphasise the importance of earth-dwelling organisms for soil fertility, habitats and food production, through music and other creative arts. 

Thank you so much for your generous support!