Meet Endo the Earthworm!

This year we've had the pleasure of collaborating with wonderful award-winning musicians to produce Endo the Earthworm, a gentle story series about the magic of mini-beasts!

Now the very first episode of our Endo the Earthworm mini-series, created with recorder player Tabea Debus, viol player Jonathan Rees and lutenist Alex McCartney, is live.

Episode 1: The Singing Trees premiered on 21 October, World Earthworm Day!

In 2016 the Earthworm Society of Britain (ESB) nominated 21st October as World Earthworm Day to give the world an opportunity to celebrate these ecologically vital and under-appreciated animals. An October date was chosen in order to honour the father of earthworm ecology, Charles Darwin, as this is the month that his book 'The Formation of Vegetable Mould Through the Actions of Worms' was published.

Our grateful thanks to all those who have supported our project through our successful GoFundMe crowd-funding campaign. From those of you who let us know your favourite mini-beast, one very special creature has been selected and will feature in a special bonus video at the end of our series!

Our aim with the project is both to entertain and to educate, and particularly hope that primary age children will like meeting Endo. On Endo’s very own website you can meet Endo and fellow mini-beasts, take a bug quiz and play “Dodge the Birds”!

Please do also look at the websites of our project partners The Earthworm Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Buglife UK. Both organisations do absolutely vital work to study and conserve earthworms and other invertebrates at a time of ecological crisis.