Endo the Earthworm

Deep beneath the dark, damp earth, Endo the Earthworm eats and eats!

Join Endo the Earthworm on a journey to learn more about the world above ground. With magical music and beautiful puppets, Endo the Earthworm is a gentle, heartfelt call to care for our natural world.

Developed during 2020 as a free online mini-series for children and families, Endo the Earthworm was created in collaboration with award-winning musicians Tabea Debus, Jonathan Rees and Alex McCartney

Endo was developed with the generous support of the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia, The Earthworm Society of Great Britain and Northern IrelandBuglife UK and our fantastic private crowd fund supporters.

Watch the entire Endo the Earthworm mini-series here now!

Episode 1: The Singing Trees

Episode 2: The Early Bird

Episode 3: The Bug Hotel

Episode 4: The Honeybee

Episode 5: The Woodlouse

Episode 6: The Caterpillar's True Self

Episode 7: Endo's Home

Or enjoy the German dub of the entire series!

Head to Endo's own website to meet the minibeasts, play Dodge the Birds, take a quiz and find out a bit more about the project!