The Marsh Demons of Iken are coming...

Tickets are now on sale for our thrilling production of The Marsh Demons of Iken, created in collaboration with our previous partners The Thomas Marshall Education Fund and with the students of Orford and Bawdsey Primary Schools.

The Marsh Demons of Iken will be unleashed in St Bartholomew’s Church, Orford on 9 July 2021, with performances at 1pm and 6pm.

Watch this space for news and updates about the project!


The show begins with the epic Battle of Bulcamp, so we've been working on fight choreography in the rehearsal room and getting used to the scale of the Marsh Demon Queen puppet. 

Katie made Marsha last year, but continued to fine-tune how she worked during the lockdowns. Now, her head has sensitive tilt and turn mechanisms, while her long spindly hand can reach and hold - what, you might ask?

Well, what would a Marsh Demon most want...

In addition to choreographing the Battle of Bulcamp, we also made progress blocking the first two scenes, listing out all of the new props we somehow need to find time to make!


We have had a typically hectic ten days, with work on Tweethearts and performances of our all-new Summer Puppet Parties seeing us winding our way all over the South East. 

Now, though, half of The Marsh Demons of Iken is blocked out, so progress is steady!

While we have been zipping about all over the place, Martin found himself a lovely big stick. Not just for fun, or because he likes to fetch. No, he is going to whittle it into a staff to help him play Botolph the Wanderer!

Botolph uses his staff to help him cast spells and sometimes for a little support while he walks long distances, spreading the Lord’s wisdom. Martin’s next job is to carve his precious stick and fancy it up a little bit to make it look pretty, so that should keep him out of mischief.

Eleanor meanwhile has been with the first of the many costumes for the show, sewing trim on the sleeves of Cynewise’s amazing dress, while Katie has been touching up the paintwork on a pint-sized Marsh Demon…