Science Shows 

Our Science Shows use puppet theatre and drama to educate and inspire children and challenge new ways of thinking. Combining facts, fun, science, social history, art and theatre, our shows are the perfect answer to cross-curricular study.

We offer an exciting live theatrical experience for students without the challenges of going to the theatre. 

We also have a variety of complimentary workshops to enhance our original shows and encourage inter-disciplinary learning, all of which are suitable for Key Stage 2 pupils. 

The Rust & Stardust team are fully DBS checked with up to date enhanced disclosures.

Our Science Shows support Discover, Explore and Bronze Arts Awards, allowing young people to:

- experience and take part in arts activities; share their experiences

- explore, create and present

- share and review

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Seeing Stars

In 1577, before the invention of the telescope, eccentric astrologer Tycho Brahe witnesses the appearance of a new and brilliant star in the sky. 

A funny and light-hearted look at one of science's forgotten figures, told with tabletop and shadow puppetry and projection art.


Shadow Puppetry - theory and techniques

Learn about the solar system with Erik the moose and make your own shadow puppet.

Puppet making workshop - craft and design

Make your own Tycho or Erik puppet using recycled materials. 


Under The Apple Tree

Why does an apple always fall down from the tree and never up? Why don't we simply fly off into space? These questions fascinated the young Isaac Newton, who would go on to become a great scientist. 

A look at Isaac's life and work, helped (and occasionally hindered!) by his beloved dog Diamond.


Newton's Prism - Shadows and Rainbows

Make Isaac and Diamond shadow puppets and experiment with the magic of refracted light through Newton's Prism behind our special shadow screen.


The Poetical Scientist

Between two worlds of Art and Science, life hovers like a star. Join Ada in her childhood adventures and experiments, shared with Mrs Puff her playful cat. As she grows into a society beauty and brilliant mathematician, Ada works with Charles Babbage and his Difference Engine, and discovers how computers can be programmed.


Take Flight With Ada

Make your own Ada Lovelace or flying horse shadow puppet and learn about flyology with our shadow screen.


To explore Rust & Stardust visiting your school, contact us now.