Seeing Stars to return at Lancashire Science Festival 2019!

Our popular science show Seeing Stars, about the life and work of the eccentric Renaissance astronomer Tycho Brahe, returns this summer to Lancashire Science Festival, from 27-29 June.

In 1577, before the invention of the telescope, most people still believe that the sun goes round the earth. 

Tycho Brahe, eccentric astrologist/alchemist/cosmologist with a prosthetic nose for every occasion, witnesses the appearance of a new and brilliant star in the sky.

In his observatory in the Castle of Uraniborg, Tycho invents amazing cosmological theories with his friend Jeppe, a clairvoyant dwarf, and his drunken pet moose. 

Join Tycho, Jeppe and Erik the moose for a whistlestop tour through Renaissance astrology - if Erik can stop crashing into the astrological instruments...

Seeing Stars is a funny and light-hearted look at one of science's forgotten figures, told with table top and shadow puppetry and projection art.

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