The skies are an endless veil of cloudless blue and the sun is smiling down and warming your bare feet. Summer is here! Rust & Stardust's four summer Puppet Party adventures are available to book now, for all those summer birthdays and sunny garden parties.

Meet forest friends, sail the high seas, frolic with the fairies or enjoy Midsummer with the woodland witches - the choice is yours!

First, enjoy a charming show with beautiful handmade tabletop puppets. Laugh and sing along with their gentle, entertaining adventures as they transport you to a magical world.

Then it's time to unleash your inner artist with a fantastic traditional craft activity, where every guest takes home a puppet or gift for imaginative play. Fun, inclusive games keep the guests amused until it's time for tea.

Contact us now to book your Summer Puppet Party today!

The Tale of Miss Fox 

Miss Fox lives happily with her best friend Miss Cat, until the arrival of naughty Mr Fox...

The Tale of Piggy Pirate and the Stormy Straits

Piggy Pirate is thrilled to have a friend with him on his quest for treasure, but can his new shipmate be trusted?

The Tale of Fairy Rose

One day Fairy Rose's jar of magical fairy dust goes missing. Help her find it and care for the rose garden...

The Woodland Witches at Midsummer

The Woodland Witches are getting ready for their Midsummer celebration, but all their preparations keep getting sabotaged...