The Poetical Scientist

A light-hearted look at the life of Ada Lovelace, told with beautiful table top puppets, music and projection art.

Between the two worlds of Art and Science, life hovers like a star. Join Ada in her childhood adventures and experiments, shared with Mrs Puff her playful cat. As she grows into a society beauty and brilliant mathematician, Ada works with Charles Babbage and his Difference Engine, and discovers how computers can be programmed.

The Poetical Scientist is the third in Rust & Stardust’s trilogy of science shows, following Seeing Stars and Under The Apple Tree.

To book The Poetical Scientist for a festival, school or event, please contact us for touring information and costs. We can also provide an accompanying educational workshop tailored to your specifications. 

Cast & Creative


Script and lyrics
Projection Art and Lighting Design
Photography and Videography
Props and set
Katie Sommers
Eleanor Conlon

Anthony Hope
Katie Sommers
Eleanor Conlon
Ed Grimoldby
Scarlett Hayler-King
Katie Sommers
Tom Peteuil