The Tale of Fairy Rose

Fairy Rose looks after a beautiful rose garden and uses her fairy dust to help the roses bloom. But one day her jar of fairy dust goes missing! The roses are starting to wilt and die without the help the fairy dust provides.

But Fairy Rose's fairy dust isn't just missing - it has been taken! Can she get it back and restore the rose garden to happiness?

A tale of kindness and unexpected friendship, with a beautiful sundial set and handmade puppets.

The Tale of Fairy Rose can also be adapted for Christmas parties as The Tale of Fairy Snowdrop. 

The Storytellers

Melody and Marigold are two sisters who live in a cottage nestled in the crook of a very old tree. They love caring for their flower garden and all the animals, birds and fairies who visit them there. As well as brewing herbal medicines and perfumes from fallen flower petals, and baking delicious rose and lavender cakes, they tell stories and put on puppet shows to entertain their animal and fairy friends. 

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