The Tale of Miss Fox

Miss Fox and her best friend Miss Cat share a house and a love of food. They are extremely happy together, cooking and eating and furiously knitting. 

But one day the little yellow bird who lives in the tree above their house warns them that an intruder is coming. Mr Fox is on his way to woo and marry Miss Fox! But Miss Fox and Miss Cat soon see through him, and, with the help of the trusty little yellow bird, hatch a series of plans to confound and trick Mr Fox. 

A light hearted tale of the forest with a beautiful woodland set and handmade animal puppets.

The Storytellers

Melody and Marigold are two sisters who live in a cottage nestled in the crook of a very old tree. They love caring for their flower garden and all the animals, birds and fairies who visit them there. As well as brewing herbal medicines and perfumes from fallen flower petals, and baking delicious rose and lavender cakes, they tell stories and put on puppet shows to entertain their animal and fairy friends.

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