Under The Apple Tree

Have you ever wondered why a windfall apple always falls down from the tree? Never up? Why, as the Earth spins, we do not fly off into space? Why light looks white but, in fact, is made up of many colours?

These and other deep questions fascinated the young Isaac Newton, a seventeenth century English eccentric, who went on to make amazing discoveries and became the greatest scientist the World has ever known. His curious childhood, his experiments at Cambridge (assisted by Diamond, his beloved but mischievous dog) and his battles with the Royal Society, form a tale told by the two ladies in his life - both called Catherine!

This light-hearted look at Isaac’s life and work is a sequel to Seeing Stars and features a dazzling blend of table-top and shadow puppetry, special effects and projection art.

To book Under The Apple Tree for your venue, festival, school or event, please contact us for touring information and costs. We can also provide an accompanying educational workshop tailored to your specifications. 

Cast and Creative

Catherine Storey / Robert Hooke / Edmund Halley / Diamond puppeteer

Catherine Conduitt / Isaac Newton puppeteer

Script and lyrics

Projection art and lighting design
Props and set

Musical arrangement

Katie Sommers

Eleanor Conlon

Anthony Hope

Katie Sommers

Eleanor Conlon

Pamela Conlon

Ed Grimoldby (Grim Visions)

Michael Conlon

Tom Peteuil

Pete Stevenson

Jillie Sommers

Sophie Hewes

Keith Lewis