Why Us?

Every child is special and deserving of an unforgettable occasion.

That is why we write, make and perform all of our thrilling, original tales ourselves, and why all of our beautiful handcrafted puppets, sets and costumes are utterly bespoke.

You will have never seen anything quite like what we do before, and one of the best things about a Rust & Stardust Puppet Party is that each story we tell is refreshingly unique!

Most importantly, children are at the heart of our parties, and the crafting element enables each child to express themselves creatively then take something really special home that they have made themselves.

From spellbinding stories to magical making, we are proud to have never failed in inspiring a young imagination!

Also, unlike many other party options, a Rust & Stardust Puppet Party is really relaxing. We bring everything to keep the children entertained, and supply the materials busy parents need to make hosting a party a breeze - including beautifully designed themed invitations, Pass the Parcel, prizes, gifts, and lashings of creativity and imagination.

We know that one size does not fit all, so developed our Puppet Parties to offer handmade entertainment, tailored to your requirements, crafted with love.

Moreover, everything we do is small and beautiful - just like our puppets - meaning girls and boys can have breathlessly special experiences at reassuringly competitive rates.

Please contact us to talk about the possibilities for your Puppet Party, and let us get to work sprinkling stardust over your special occasion.

Eleanor and Katie x

Note: We are passionate about sustainability and try to avoid single-use plastic. Our Pass the Parcels are wrapped in colourful, reusable fabrics and ribbons, and we use natural materials in all of our craft activities.

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