Rust & Stardust Zoom Policy for Online Performances and Workshops

Before the performance:

- Make sure you are set up in an appropriate space. Be aware of what is in the background of your frame. You may want to remove any personal or identifiable items such as family photos. Virtual backgrounds will be disabled.

- Make sure everyone in your household is aware that you are joining a live video activity. An adult should always be present with any children taking part. 

- Make sure that you are logged in using the first name and initial of the person who booked your ticket (e.g. Eleanor C or Katie S.) Please note this may need to be set in your Zoom account before you log in to the session. 

-  You will receive a meeting id and password via email. Please do not share this.  

During the session:

- When you join the session you will enter a waiting room. Please join the waiting room 10 minutes before the activity is due to start. Hosts will let you in one at a time, once you have been verified. 

- Please have your video enabled when you join the session. 

- There will always be two hosts in a session, at least one of whom will hold an enhanced DBS check. •

- There may be times when all the participants are muted to allow everyone to hear the host and performer equally. Please use the ‘Raise hand’ button if you would like to say something. 

- Do not record or screen shot anything during the session. The host will not record the session as a rule, but may reserve the right to do so if they feel it is necessary for safeguarding reasons. Only hosts will have the ability to do this and consent will be sought beforehand. 

- Chat functions will be disabled except for you to communicate with the hosts. If you have any technical issues or questions, please send a message. Please note any messages in the chat will be recorded and saved. 

- Screen sharing facilities will be disabled. Only the host will have the ability to do this. 

- We expect all of our participants to be kind and respectful. Anyone who displays behaviour that is deemed inappropriate or unsafe for other participants will be removed. 

- If anything occurs to make you feel uncomfortable or upset, contact your hosts through the chat function or get in touch with Rust & Stardust.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding safeguarding please contact one of our Designated Safeguarding Officers.